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Why Business Steps 4 Women

…Because Your Passion Has Purpose!

Business Steps 4 Women was founded with the aim of supporting more women who would love to start or grow their own passion-based business, live their best lives now and enjoy what they love and enjoy every day.


Our group has a collection of women already in business, those starting out and those still thinking about what they want to do.  We believe that starting your own business could be one of the best things that ever happened to you.

We believe running your own Passion-based business is both fulfilling and extremely rewarding....join us!!!  We want women all over the world to rock their passion daily.

Business Steps 4 Women - Temi Koleowo.

Temi is a can-do woman, a solution provider and the founder of  Business Steps 4 Women. She set up BS4 W to provide the right atmosphere to foster ideas and nurture relationships.   Her desire is to see women develop their own economy and package their passion to do what they truly love and enjoy. She is a firm believer that women flourish better when we work together.

Temi Koleowo is also a business consultant who runs Business First Steps, her Business Consultancy provides personalised and practical business start up and development services.  She has worked with countless people over the past few years and she specialises in helping people create their own economy.  

Temi is a practical and can-do woman who believes everyone has a solution within them. Find out about the South East London meetup here.

A former Management Accountant professional, Temi discovered during her working career  that she has an innate ability to develop business ideas and help people turn their passion into viable business option.  She tool the bold step to start her own business in 2012 and the rest is history.