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Events, Meetups and Locations

We can’t wait to welcome you to our next meetup and events!

We give you oodles of fun and practical activities to help you maximise your passion, hobby or Step up in business.

We are a bunch of women - pre-start up, start up and established business owners  We come together to learn and share how to maximise every area of our lives.

Our meetups and events are practical yet informal and you are guaranteed a great time when you come.  

It is a great opportunity to meet other women  - swap tips, collaborate, network and encourage you on your life and business journey.  

Check out the line up of events and locations below and find the meetup closest to you.  


We can’t wait to welcome you to one of our events!!!

The Online Meetup

Our online meetups are planned to inspire, encourage and motivate you to live your best life now whilst rocking the world with your passion. We want you to boldly step out and do what you do best - being Yourself.  Click here for more information and see you online.

Seasoned Speakers - We invite seasoned and experienced business women to our meetups to share their business stories, successes, challenges, wins and how they navigate their daily walk.

Ample Information - You are bound to take away ample information from our meetups. Templates, Tips and Tools to make your business journey a pleasant one.

Business Brainstorming/Networking over Breakfast.

Got a business challenge want to take a leap or roadblock you need to overcome? Do you need support for a specific business/life area?  We host pre-booked business surgery meetups over coffee.

Event Location…Frankie and Benny’s Greenwich Shopping Park, Bugsby Way London, SE7 7ST (ample parking, free for a few hours)

Monthly Tips and Information

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Networking Opportunities

You will be challenged to take a step up and follow  the right direction once you attend our events.  You will find the support you need to maximise the potential of your passion.  Meet with other women to collaborate and swap tips. You will also get the chance to showcase your business on a first come, first serve basis.   

Booking is required to attend our events.   Dates will be announced via our website, newsletter, on Social media and by email. Click below to register your interest so we can keep you updated.

Annual Getaway

Next Getaway 29th of June - 2nd July 2017.

Do you need a break from your daily hustle and bustle? We have got the ideal treat for you. Our annual Getaway is the ideal way to rest, refresh, reflect and recalibrate for your life journey.  The Getaway is planned to meet your needs in more ways than one. Enjoy the company of women without masks, who are open and ready to share and learn together.  Click here for more information

Momentum 2017

Goal Setting Workshop 29th of October 2016.

Our Annual Goal Setting Workshop will help you align your dreams with specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed goals.  Join us for an in-depth goal setting workshop so we can certainly smash your goals in the New Year.  Next event is in October 2016.  Click here for information about the previous event.

Asset Club

We believe every woman should develop her own economy so she can be in control of her future. We believe in multiple income streams and encourage our women to invest in worthwhile ventures that will help them achieve their life purpose.  Click here to read more about our asset club.

Business Support and Accountability Program

We believe every woman has the potential to be a success story.  You have the right to boldly and fully express your passion. We are here to support you at every stage of your journey with our Building Blocks Program and our Step up Zone.  Click here to read more about our support program.


Workshops designed to get your brain juices flowing and your business growing. We plan and organise events as and when the needs arises. If we feel there is some information that will benefit our members, we will put a program together that will educate and help us grow.  Details to be announced as and when workshops are organised.

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We can’t wait to welcome you onboard.  

We are passionate about you, your dreams and aspirations.  We want you to succeed in the key areas of your life.  If you need one 2 one support, enquire about the Business Support Program.

Abundant Blessings From the BS4W Team