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Let Us Grow Together!

We all know the business scene is always evolving. Think about it, we did not have social media 20 years ago and now it has become part of our daily lives alongside the other fabulous platforms that connects us globally.  How do we keep up?

Every day a new app, a new model, a strategy or system that claims to make our lives and businesses better comes on the market.


We can’t wait to welcome you on board.  

We are passionate about you, your dreams and aspirations and want you to succeed in every aspect of your life.   

If you can’t make the breakfast meetup, why not join us online. Click here for more info.

Business Blessings.

Business Steps 4 Women Team.  

Breakfast Meetup

Breakfast Meetups

We have designed our meetups to be an exciting experience for you.

At every meetup…

We have ample information to share with you to help step up and move your ambition forward.

Ample fun, friendship and fulfilment awaits you.

Book your place below – there is no tie in and you can cancel anytime.

Register & Pay Below

(Starts Sept 2016)

What you Need to Know

Breakfast Meetup

The breakfast meetup is pay as you go but you must register and pay before the event.

The cost of the meetup includes full English breakfast and unlimited tea and regular coffee.  

The meetup also includes business tips to help you grow.  

Members are entitled to discounted business coaching after attending one meetups.  

At every meetup, we will have one or two guest speakers, activities, and opportunity to network and make new contacts.  

Online Meetups

When you sign up to the online meetup, you are signing up to a monthly subscription and payment is due on a monthly anniversary of your sign up date.

There is no tie-in. You can cancel anytime.

The online meetup will last for an hour and will be broken down into a number of segments.

We will have a guest speaker online with us for part of our time together sharing her story so we can learn from her experiences and knowledge to propel us forward.

You can access the class via your Internet connection from your computer, laptop, tablet or your android phone.  Links will be provided before the meetup.  

You will be notified of the dates of the meet-up in advance so you can add it to your schedule.

If you are busy at the time of the meetup don’t despair.  The online meetup will be recorded so you can listen to it later.

You can ask questions using the chat function during the meetup.  To enable us to have a successful session, just the presenter and the guest speaker will be able to hold a conversation.

There will be an opportunity for one member to showcase their product or service for a few minutes and must be by prior arrangement.

Access to bonus templates and tips will be delivered to your inbox every month.

Members are entitled to discounted business coaching after the third month.  

Dates for your Diary

Breakfast Meetup

7th of December 2016

10am - 12.30pm

Guest Speaker:


Frankie and Benny's Restaurant

Greenwich Shopping Park, Bugsby Way, Charlton, London SE7 7ST

Ample free parking, close to Charlton Station (walking distance)

Woolwich and North Greenwich Stations (by bus)

Join us and meet other women for





Come to the BS4W Breakfast Meetups

Running Your Business Should Never Be A Lonely Journey. You should be able to connect with like-minded women who share the same business values and desire success just as you do.

There is so much to do and learn in business, but so little time. Now information is coming to your via the Business Steps 4 Women Meetup.

You are a great woman with a lot of talent, strength and a vision for success.  Your time is precious and you have very little of it to spare. Why waste time travelling everywhere when you can get what you need indoors.

If you like to connect with like-minded women, who share your values and desires for success, we have got just what you need.  Keep reading…