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Women, Get Ready for 2017!!

Goal Setting and Action Plan Creation Workshop

Take a deep breath; Momentum 2017 is going to take your life and business to a completely new level by helping you visualize your goals and create a workable plan to achieve them.

Is there a ton of potential beneath the surface just waiting to be set free?

Do you dream of big things but you cannot seem to reach them YET?

Do you want promotion, expansion, diversification or new direction?

This is NOT a seminar!!

This is a hands-on, get down to work ONLINE WORKSHOP to set and smash your goals in 2017.  We have done the talking, now is the time to take action.

Let this practical, hands-on, no holdback workshop unleash your hidden abilities and finally turn your dreams into reality!

Get out of that maze! Find clarity!! Forge your path towards greater success!!

What you need is what we offer. We want to provide you with the map that will bring you to your fullest potential.

No matter what roadblocks there are, or what detours you have run into in the past, there is a pathway that will work for you.

Join me and guest speakers from the 1st to the 28th of November online and let us create momentum  together.  

A Woman is Unique in Every Way

Undeniably, women are special. We march to the beat of our own drums, usually pushing aside conventional ways of thinking for something unique. We are pioneers and have a drive few others can match.  It is time to direct all that energy towards the right priorities.  

2017 is waiting to embrace you, don’t let anything stand in your way.

This is for a small group of purpose-driven women who want to achieve much more in 2017.  Book early to ensure you get a space. .

Your life is your own.

Your potential belongs only to you.

The time has come for you to live at your fullest!

Business Blessings.

Business Steps 4 Women Team.  

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Set and Smash Some Audacious Goals in 2017.

As modern women we are always juggling balls and trying to balance our priorities. We juggle family life, business, career and everything else life throws at us.  

The expectations on our shoulders are huge and it does not seem to be abating any time soon. It is time to schedule our priorities and step up to another level.

Here is the ideal workshop to help you achieve your audacious goals in 2017 and beyond.

Join us over four weeks to accelerate your progress in 2017

4 x Weekly Intensive Online Classes delivered to your inbox

Resources to buttress your learning

Support to turn your dreams into reality

Temi Koleowo

Coordinator, Business Steps 4 Women

With Special Guests

4 x Weekly Online Classes (recorded)

Resources for each week

Discounted follow-on support

We will work on the following areas over the next four weeks.

Mindset and Momentum

Every challenge we overcome and the success we achieve starts from the mind. In this session we will explore the mindset we must embrace to achieve our goals in 2017.

Bulldozing Bad Habits

We all have good and bad habits. To excel we have to get rid of the bad habits or they could sabotage the success we deserve. Come and find out how to work through the bad habits and embrace new ones that will propel you to your next level.

   Creating a Vision Board

Everything we see in the physical realm, is based on visualisation.  Come and learn how to create a vision board that propels you to excel.

Wheel of Life Balance Plan

Great success can only be achieved when the various areas of our lives are in sync. How you balance your world determines the level of success you can achieve. We will learn how to create balance so we can manage our priorities effectively.

Personal and Business Goal Setting

Goal setting gives you the tools and focus you need to achieve the results you want. To excel, we must  know what we are aiming for. Join us as we learn how to set short term and long term goals, that fit in with other areas of your life.

Creating a Personal Funnel System

What feeds your life determines your outcome. Learn how to create a personal funnel system that fits in with you life goals. Set goals and set in motion what you need to turn them into reality

Income Streams Goal Setting

 Set goals for multiple streams of income so your business can thrive and fund your big vision.

Action Plan

After all is said and done, every goal needs an action plan to make it a reality. We will set specific and realistic action plans that turn your goals into successful milestones.


1st to 28th of November 2016

Venue: Online Classes in the Comfort of your Home.

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Crush Habits, Enlarge Mindset, Get Organised, Set Goals, Create Action Plans and Make Great Things Happen.

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Create Momentum for 2017

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