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An Accountability Partner at your Finger Tips…

We are here to support your dreams and ambitions and want you to get the results you deserve.  Whether you need a quick chat or extended support, we have the right business development service available to meet your needs.

We understand the needs of business women and want to help you achieve success in all your endeavours. Whether you are thinking of starting a business, right in the middle of starting one, running one or thinking of expansion - my team and I are here to help.   

Temi Koleowo

Features of the Business Accountability Program

We can’t wait to welcome you onboard.  

We are passionate about you, your dreams and aspirations and want you to succeed in all areas of your life.  If you need support in your personal life enquire about the Oasis Program.

Business Blessings.

Temi Koleowo - BS4W Coordinator

What some of our clients said:

“My passion is to bring women together to motivate, support and help them achieve their life goals. Women Empowering Parties is flourishing because of Business First Steps” Rachel Women Empowering Project.

“Thank you so much for your support! You are part of SWAVBAG!” Ola SWAVBag

“I had my first client and I am so pleased!! Thanks to the BFS which made the start-up process a lot easier to manage. I could not have done it otherwise.” Shola - KenShol Consultancy

“Temi has a unique way of helping business owners.”  Alison Bell ABC Swim School

“Working with Temi is like having an extra set of eyes to help you see what you may have missed out in your business. She has got great energy, eyes for details and she won’t settle for less. Great customer service too. I highly recommend her services.” Bunmi - Love in the House

“I know my steps were ordered when I reconnected with Temi who helped me package my passion. Now I am not only loving myself but also loving my passion more and it actually does feel like I have it all.  I am doing what I was born to do and not what I was trained to do."

Andrea - Loving Yourself More

Affordable Accountability Partner from just £49

Choose from Email, Phone/Skype or One 2 One. No tie-in and you can cancel anytime.  


Do Any of these Questions Apply to You?

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One 2 One

Don’t delay your business success. Take action and get the right support.

Book your sessions and let us help you achieve your business dreams.

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Your Accountability Partner to help you increase your success rate. Impartial, practical and timely advice to help you achieve your business goals.

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

Jim Rohn

This is NOT a ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ Program - but a personalised approach to help you get rid of business roadblocks, deal with information overload, work on tasks that will grow your business and ensure you complete those tasks consistently and effectively.    

“The Business Support is great for accountability and getting things done!”  

“I am getting much more from BS4W than I bargained for.”

“The BS4W support program helped me write my first eBook.”

Building Blocks Subscribers.

Business coaching and support to ensure you run your business the way it should be done.

Resource sheets, information and templates to support you.

Tips and tools to help you grow your business.

Regular support  by email, phone, Skype or one 2 one -  work at a pace and time you can manage.

Personalised support for your business to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Regular nudges, feedback, recommendations, advice, action points and more